NYC Bat Mitzvah at The Edison Ballroom – Olivia Ruby

Olivia is a New York City kinda girl, so when she told us she was having her party at the Edison Ballroom, we knew we had to get her out on the streets of NYC for some amazing shots before the party began.Olivia was in love with the idea of taking over Times Square for a photo shoot, and when the opportunity arose to hijack (really just borrow with permission of course!) an empty double decker tour bus, all of us jumped on and made an impromptu catwalk above the crowds of tourists. We had an incredible time with Olivia and her family and friends celebrating Olivia making her Bat Mitzvah and can’t wait to hand her all of her photos from the night. Mazel Tov Olivia!

New York City Bat Mitzvah at Edison Ballroom

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